Sept 7, 2016 (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

One of the most daunting issues for dementia and Alzheimer’s patients (and their caretakers) is often they now also suffer from the problems of severe UI and FI, which results in a significant reduction to their (and their family and caretaker’s) quality-of- life (QoL), including a lifetime of constant diaper and bed-sheet changing and catheterization procedures and other sociated medical problems. The PMD Bluetooth-controlled Urethral Valve device has been designed specifically to optimally treat the severer cases of urinary incontinence in dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, which device will be installed in a 15-20 minute implant procedure. In fact, the same technology that will allow the device to optimally treat severe UI is also expected to be able to ultimately control severe fecal incontinence, as well.