February 15, 2018 (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida)

Precision Medical Devices, Inc. (PMD) management is pleased to announce the¬†hiring and appointment of Laura Coyle as our new Director of Administrative¬†Operations as the Company continues to build its infrastructure in preparation for upcoming prospective milestone events, including the launch of our first commercial device product in the canine incontinence market and a listing on a public stock trading exchange system, although our timetables for such are not yet set. Laura has been an invaluable consultant to PMD in the past having overseen many of its key marketing initiatives including; the building and hosting of the PMD website and Internet and social media marketing contractor team, assisting PMD management with a number of administrative issues and other associated tasks. As a former entrepreneur of her own Internet-based marketing company, Laura's background is very well suited to the new position as she has tremendous experience in building Internet marketing programs, as well as, administrating Internet-centered businesses and now adding to her resume by completing post-graduate studies that are expected to lead to a Masters in computer sciences. Of course, her past involvement and familiarity with PMD is a significant plus. The initial position will start as part-time while Laura finishes her current studies, and is then expected to move to full-time afterwards. Laura will provide substantive backup to PMD’s President/CEO and will guide the escalation of our marketing programs, going forward. The Board and management of the Company welcomes Laura’s addition to our team.