Neurological disorders afflict a rather large number of patients among the populace with US-based Parkinson’s disease patients numbering ~ 1,000,000 (with approximately 2.6 million in the other westernized countries of the world) while there are approximately 1.6 million stroke patients in the US with approximately 3X as many other patients in the other westernized countries of the world, with a high percentage of such patients presenting with incontinence. The new severe incontinence treatment technology being presented by Precision Medical Devices (PMD) is designed, and expected to optimally treat the severer cases of both urinary and fecal incontinence sufferers in these patient groups with the device being implanted in a 15-20 minute same day surgical procedure. For those patients that become more debilitated during the course of the disease, the PMD technology includes the promise of having a UI (or FI) control device that could be activated using voice control systems.