It can take up to 1,000 years for a plastic diaper to decompose in a landfill. An adult with severe urinary incontinence (UI) will use either 5-8 plastic-based diapers per day, or alternatively, will soil that many cloth diapers and bed sheets that will require laundering using some chemicals that are more than likely toxic to the environment and at some time disposed of into the environment (that extrapolates to 2-3,000 diapers per year per person with severe UI, not to mention the diapers and pad usage of the less severe cases). There are approximately 7-9 million adults in the US and 30-33 million adults worldwide in just the westernize world that have severe UI (and 6X more people worldwide). Accordingly, and based on diaper industry estimates, at least 7-9 billion plastic-based diapers and pads are disposed of in landfills in the US alone every year, with an equal amount of diapers laundered per year (reused and re-laundered). An effective treatment for severe UI could virtually eliminate the need for a vast majority of these products. The PMD implanted severe incontinence device will virtually eliminate the UI problem, worldwide. Please support PMD and stay tuned for our ongoing efforts.
Happy Earth Day.