Ever so often a product being developed to treat a medical condition or disease in humans can actually be applied to treating the same condition or disease in some animals. The PMD Flow Control urethral valve device is just such a product as there is a significant unmet need in some portion of the canine population to control urinary incontinence (UI) as a matter of a social norm given the dog’s prominent integration into the family social order of pet owners around the world who require their canine family members to maintain continence in the home setting. The Company’s current testing of its urethral valve product is demonstrating how reliable the technology can be for that portion of the canine pet population that is not adequately treated by current canine incontinence products or drugs with the prospects of such also within the reasonable cost constraints that may be associated with the adoption of such an effective treatment product by canine pet owners. In fact, uncontrolled incontinence in pet dogs is often cited as the number one cause of the early termination of the family pet. Accordingly, the Company’s new patented technology originally created to control severe UI in humans can also be used to optimally treat severe UI in dogs and substantially extend the life of a beloved pet without concern for problematic incontinence episodes at quite reasonable costs.

The new severe incontinence treatment technology being presented by Precision Medical Devices (PMD) is designed, and expected to optimally treat the severer cases of urinary incontinence in the family dog, as well, which can be implanted in a 15-20 minute same day surgical procedure. The device’s design incorporates features that specifically provide for the use of the technology by pet owners who would like to have their precious family pet be able to maintain continence throughout their lifetime. No more urine accidents inside the house!