Fort Lauderdale, FL – June 28, 2007 – Precision Medical Devices, Inc. (PMD) has obtained its second Australian patent. The Company has accumulated eight total patents, to date, seven of which are for its lead product, the Flow Control Device, a unique bionic, telemetrically-controlled urethral valve device designed to treat severe urinary incontinence, among other things. PMD continues to apply for patent coverage in all of its other target markets for all of the U.S.-issued patents, as well as, divisional patents in the requisite markets.

The Company also has applied for additional U.S. patents, which are currently pending, and continues to work on other unique and proprietary product ideas, which may also be patentable.

The Company’s current portfolio of four U.S. and now, four foreign patents, covering two products, with another product in the patent-pending stage, represents what is expected to be significant intrinsic value for the Company.

Peter Sayet, Public Relations / Investor Relations, 954-565-4580