Peter H. Sayet

President, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Sayet has over 25 years of experience in the health care industry. From 1981-1986, Mr. Sayet served as the key operations executive at Sayet Associated Pathologist Reference Laboratory, Inc. (SAPRL), a family owned company. He was instrumental in operating SAPRL through difficult financial times and was responsible for opening significant new markets and pioneering the computerization of the company during the early stages of the computer “revolution”. In 1987, Mr. Sayet conceived of, planned, founded and developed the Institute for Laboratory Medicine, Inc. (ILM), a 10,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art medical laboratory facility. In just 2½ years, under Mr. Sayet’s guidance, ILM became the largest physician-owned medical laboratory in the nation, boasting over 500 physician owners and almost $10,000,000 in annual revenues. Within the ILM business plan, Mr. Sayet conceived of and guided the creation of the first ever bi-directional communication link between remote client and lab. That lab linkup is still state-of-the-art today. After leaving ILM in 1991, Mr. Sayet has continued to work on various other business plans, culminating in the formation of the Company and the conception and development of the PSS Flow Control Device technology. Subsequently, Mr. Sayet has now guided the PMD Company since its inception, including the accumulation of 8 US and 14 foreign patents on the PSS Flow Control Device technology while also completing the development and implant testing of six generations of the device, as well as, completing the Company’s first full manufacturing run of the device, which was followed by a 20-month implant testing protocol designed to verify the new technology is operating as designed without glitches in either the mechanical functions or software systems.

Laura Coyle

Director of Operations

As Precision Medical Devices continues to build its infrastructure in preparation for upcoming prospective milestone events, the company is proud  to welcome Laura to the management team. Laura has been an invaluable consultant to PMD in the past having overseen many of its key marketing initiatives including; the building and hosting of the PMD website and Internet and social media marketing contractor team, assisting PMD management with a number of administrative issues and other associated tasks. As a former entrepreneur of her own Internet-based marketing company, Laura’s background is very well suited to the new position as she has tremendous experience in building Internet marketing programs, as well as, administrating Internet-centered businesses and now adding to her resume by completing post-graduate studies that are expected to lead to a Masters in computer sciences. Of course, her past involvement and familiarity with PMD is a significant plus. The initial position will start as part-time while Laura finishes her current studies, and is then expected to move to full-time afterwards. Laura will provide substantive backup to PMD’s President/CEO and will guide the escalation of our marketing programs, going forward. The Board and management of the Company welcomes Laura’s addition to our team.